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Friday, 27 March 2015.

The Organization is increasingly being informed that management plays an important role in bringing them closer to their goals and objectives. Managers are under the obligation to restructure and transform the company in the main areas that are designed to meet the needs of the clients and to meet the needs of the market if they arise. In this case, transformational leaders are the best people to increase productivity and ensure the widespread use of the value of leadership methods when transforming business into a larger facility that will be more successful. Managers should focus on the organization’s key objectives and identify them while at the same time expecting to meet the unpredictable growth of clients ‘ needs. The loss of this focus only indicates that managers were not able to carry out their duties, as expected, thereby underscoring the disruption of the work of the organization. The paper explores key issues and obstacles to the success of the organization, resulting in its inability to meet the expectations of clients, as well as an in-depth analysis of the leadership roles necessary to change and help the company achieve its goal

The background of the company

Sander and Bobo (2012) note that AT & T Incorporated is the leading provider of telecommunications services in the United States and its headquarters in Dallas. The company operates wireless and wired communications, as well as other services and products through its subsidiaries and affiliates in the United States and other international destinations. The company was officially launched under the SBC Communications Inc. brand until 2005, when it changed its brand name to AT & T Incorporated

The company’s wireless network includes the provision of dial-up services, U-over services, enterprise network services, Wi-Fi and packet processing services, local and international voice services for various business applications, such as sales and reservation centers. Sander & Bobo (2012) claims that the wireless network segment also offers data and voice services, as well as sales of AT & T brand names, as well as wireless cards for several individuals with personal computers among other services and products. The company has faced numerous problems with operations since its creation in 1983. She was supposed to live with a dubious distinction from being the worst cellphone company in America. This is confirmed by the fact that Sander & Bobo has argued that the firm has recently been forced to accept numerous criticalobservations after it was found to be the poorest in terms of customer satisfaction based on the customers ‘ concerns

According to Gattpers (2013), AT & T Incorporated faced three main problems: low productivity, absolute customer service and low value. It is obvious that the firm was shocked by the incompetent and unresponsive to the new and emerging needs of our clients. It was noted that the company lags behind the 4G technology, which is a state-of-the-art technology that allows smartphone users to access the Internet and view relatively high speeds. In addition, the company is also using a fiber optic network for the provision of services TV for nearly 2 million U-TV customers, which was also not well received, as there were many complaints from clients in other thorns from the bad network

Organizational changes to overcome problems

The information received from the information controller (2013) indicates that, despite the company’s shortcomings, it still has the chance to overcome any of these hits if it believes that organizational changes can help to solve these problems. The inclusion of these changes will enable the company to confront any type of problem and to inform it about the consumer behaviour that it needs to prepare and to develop a strategy in the most ideal direction

The point is that each time companies start to experience such turbulent times like AT & T, the problem should be created by management, in which case it is necessary that the organizational changes be made. The management role should be clearly defined in such a way that efficiency is enhanced when it comes to the organization’s operation, and that it is always ready to provide more to its customers than their expectations, which will then help to gain their confidence and keep business at a good level in terms of productivity. We are confident that the leaders are the foundation of any company, since all employees are responsible to stay focused and contribute to the achievement of the stated goals and even exceeding the customer’s expectations in the delivery of services and products. In order to avoid such cases, the leaders in the organization should apply styles and strategies that aim at increasing the overall productivity of the company from different points of view

Philips & Gully (2012) raises the view that depending on AT & T, the most appropriate way to preserve the company’s reputation is to adopt structural, targeted, and technological changes. Structural changes will lead to changes in the structure and revision of different powers, as well as centralization of authority independently of the activities of the organization with different branches. Structural changes would facilitate rapid decision-making, without the need to take so much time, thereby increasing the efficiency of the organization. Efficiency can significantly increase the efficiency of the company and expand its ability to respond to various emerging issues, as well as to higher heights that it cannot achieve at present. The change in line with the objectives will require a review of the structure of the tasks in order to ensure high quality and competence in the quality of products and services in order to meet the needs of clients, but also exceed their expectations. In addition, it is necessary that the organization adopt technical changes in terms of the rapid development of the latest technologies in various aspects so that the company can effectively serve its clients. It is clear that the organization’s response to technology is slower, in addition to its inability to implement a competent technology policy that can provide better relations with clients

In order for the change to be effective, it is recommended that AT & T Incorporation makes use of the effective change model and effectively use it to its impact point of view, and the company can focus on n success. In accordance with Phillips and Goully (2011), the model of changes in the organization of the company, Lew’s Force Organization, is a classic model of change management in the organization that was offered by Kurt Levin in 1951. The model provides that the organization is a system that is carried out by identical conflicting forces, which are equally represented. Thus, the person who invented the model suggested that the model is based on two assumptions, which are the existing driving forces for change in the company and the presence of opposing forces opposed to change. As a result, Llewyn had a three-step process of implementing changes in the organization, regardless of the nature of the change required

The first stage in the implementation of the changes is related to the creation of incentives to change, which Levin called the process of defrosting. Philips & Gully issues recommendations that at this stage AT & T Incorporated should introduce a motivational program for its employees to prepare them for the upcoming changes in the changes of tasks, introduction of new technologies and structural changes. The process of unfreezing would help the company dispense with the retrogressive organizational culture and erase the status quo because organizational culture is the main aspect that poses a serious threat and resistance to any chance

According to Philips & Gully (2011), the second important step is to adjust the balance, which entails the realization of actual change and development of a new organizational culture for the advantages of the organization. This change can be achieved through three main approaches: persuasion, re-education and use of force against the wind of the opposition. “Philips & Gully” (2011) indicates that the third and final stage of the implementation of the changes to defrost. This entails the creation of new norms, penalties, rules or rewards, which should preferably be implemented on a regular basis, so that the change is effective. This will allow the company to focus on the needs and needs of clients in order to exceed their expectations in terms of providing services and products

The role of leaders in change

It is essential that the leader, who acts as chairman and chief executive of AT & T Incorporated, be at the forefront of the campaign for the successful implementation of the inevitable change. According to Gatewety (2013), the predominant styles of governance should have priority, as they play an important role in implementing and saving the required change in AT & T Incorporation. When it comes to changing a task, the leader must take into account the management style applied by the director so that the tasks can be the best way to improve the quality of the company’s work. This style will ensure that the leader uses his or her directive to make sure that the organization performs all the necessary actions. This style allows the team to focus on the goals of the organization by controlling and delegating responsibilities, while ensuring that the company’s broader vision is expressed

Furthermore, according to the custodians (2013), the autocratic style of management will contribute to the development of policies, the implementation of key decisions regarding the future of the company, and will dictate and challenge each member of the task in order to improve the policy environment for staff in order to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. In addition, the leader must also portray a high degree of intelligence, social maturity and latitude, internal motivations and desires, as well as good human relations and attitudes towards employees to improve the image of the organization. If these approaches to change are properly used, the leader will be able to stimulate the change, as well as achieve the company’s goals

Barriers to success

There are obstacles that impede the success of the organization in its efforts to rise to the top, and no matter how much the company can try, there will be no guarantee of success if these obstacles to success are not identified, analysed and monitored. According to Datastoreers (2013) resistance to change, poor management, poor customer relations and corruption among managers who are able to waste money on investments, are the main obstacles to success. Resistance to change is the main barrier to the success of the organization, which means that the organization will not be able to keep up with the latest technological trends, as well as trends in management among other fields of the organization

There can be no escape from the changes and the significant phenomenon that each organization has to pay attention to. The change is successful because it is developing ways and means by which the company can easily identify its strengths and weaknesses, enabling it to develop a strategy based on the best way to achieve the goals and objectives, thereby contributing to the success of the company’s operations. Gatekeepis (2013) warns that poor management styles are blocking success by allowing the poor to implement policies and strategies that are designed to ensure that the organization can achieve its goals. The poor management of the case plays an important role in hindering the success of the company, since managers are the driving force of the organization, and the failure to perform their duties and responsibilities is largely transferred to the company’s refusal. In addition, corruption gives the leaders the opportunity to misuse the funds for the company to self-satisfaction, which limits the funds for investment at the time of need

Overcoming Obstacles

To overcome the obstacles mentioned above, there is a need to develop a plan that will help to avoid obstacles and, instead, make them more effective in order to achieve success. Communication and education, as well as participation and inclusion in the change process, will reduce the chances of resistance to change, thereby ensuring that the road to success is cleared. According to Gatewner (2013), it is also ideal for managers to be able to perform the identification and analysis of the nature of the employees so that they can use the most appropriate style of management, which is aimed at motivating employees to improve their performance, which will enable the company to take important steps in the direction of success

Philips & Gully (2011) indicates that the relevant management styles will allow the company to remain focused on its main goals, as well as to offer staff morale to make their work responsible for achieving the goals of the organization. In addition, the company may wipe out the damaged leaders by trying to verify their integrity by means of various means and means to reduce cash theft and allow the company to focus on profitable investments instead of achieving personal goals at the expense of the company and other resources of the company. The organization can also create good relations with clients, always seeking to meet their needs

In this article, the AT & T Incorporation case was launched, which for many years has been quite unborn due to a lack of client expectations. The paper identified three major challenges faced by the organization in such cases as horrendous productivity, totally unsatisfied customer service and low cost. In addition, the document addresses the three organizational changes that are necessary to enable the organization to address these issues. Thus, on the basis of the changes that need to be made to address these issues, the document contains information on the model of changes in the organization of the field offices of Llewyn, which is important in the implementation of these changes. In addition, the document provides an in-depth analysis of such guidance, which is necessary in order to make changes and strengthen the organization in order to achieve its objectives. It also provided an analysis of the obstacles to the success of the organization. In fact, it is stated on paper that managers play an important role in the work of the company, and the choice of style of management and skills to be applied in the management of the operations of the organization determines what route it pursues. Thus, a leader’s refusal means the company’s demise

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