How to stop a logoback and use your view

Of course, you know how to send text and make omelets, but somewhere in the back of your mind there is a legitimate fear that you will be eaten by a sword-tiger's sword in five minutes. Which is why we're delaying why we're deciding why we're crating and why we're panicking

In today's world, we do not often represent a real threat to life, a physical danger. Instead, we are solving the problems that our parents, our teachers and our colleagues have told us are extremely important and deeply affect our lives. The society made "tests."

Your brain is closing

The study is boring. We know. But the better you know the topic, the easier it is to speak or write. The more knowledge, familiarity, and comfort you get, the less scary it becomes. This is not rocket science (unless your exam or representation is part of a literal missile science, it is a complete missile science)

Think about it if you ever tried to be part of a conversation you don't know about. It's exhausting, just trying to pretend through it. On the other hand, when it comes to sport or video games, or cars, or fashion, or movies or movies or whatever

This is more than just the ability to rein in facts, this is usually rounded as a whole

It's not like "don't prepare." You were just told that you should study your ass and be as knowledgeable about your subject as possible. Which means "not rehearsing" means, "don't try to remember the word"

As soon as you forget what to say next, and you (it doesn't matter how many times you've trained in a mirror the day before), you start to panic

During the presentation, you obviously don't want to sound like Donald Trump, undocked on things you don't know about, but you don't need to sound so expressive and exactly like President Obama, who has the luxury of teleprompter (which you don't have)

You have to have a general idea of where you're going, and the key points you need to hide, but if you try to say utter words like the type that you did in primary school, you're going to fail

As soon as you forget what to say next, and you will be (it doesn't matter how many times you've practiced in the mirror the day before), you will start to panic. You will be in survival mode in a lizard without the possibility of thinking about anything other than

Cancel the pedestal

It's okay. Seriously, if it's not an operation, it's not life or death, and you'll get another shot at some point while you're using yourself

You're going to send a summary of type-os, bomb interview, forget about important dates, drop the plates with your food on your own

Because everyone got a prize at the football level, we were never in a state, and that only adds to ""-or-or-death " tests. But the truth is, there's a glitch in this life, and you're going to face rejection. A lot of

You send a summary of the type-os, the bomb interview, forget the important dates, leave the dishes with your food on your own, and so on. It's happening. You're human. You will live and grow

So take a deep breath and don't give the view or examination more opportunities than it deserves. You will treat it as an unimportant event, if you even remember it

As a practical approach, start explaining your new knowledge to your friends. To study the subject is the best way to teach it, so start explaining what you've learned, even if it's supposed to be with your cat before anyone looks. Not only do you become more familiar with this topic, you become more comfortable with this material, not "rehearsal"

See how it all is?

Find ways to rest

Socialize with friends. Play video games. Yoga. Drink your tea. Exercise. Eat well. Sleeping well. Netflix and the cold. Just spin around and try to stay calm as much as possible without compromising your training

If you have done the right thing, you will not feel the need to be reborn and prepare this night before you go into a quiet mind, there will be half of the battle (and this is the second link after school special in this article)

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