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Tips for Best Results in Travel Photography

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Now, days many people have developed a passion for travel photography. Few people like it out as their interest in photography, but few people desire to become a travel photographer as it offers them with an opportunity to show their work to the world. An experienced travel photographer believes in proper planning for the photo shoot at various interesting places around the world. First of all it is very important to choose your equipment wisely so that you can meet your objective of clicking a perfect picture. It is very important to have an idea and knowledge about the subject that the photographer wants to capture in his camera. It requires proper ideas as simply taking pictures of that place will serve no purpose.

Details of Photography

Professional travel photographer always pens down the details of their work with the description about the subject. Documentation gives an extra edge to the work. The photographer needs to click several pictures of the subject from all the aspects. It is very important for a photographer to stay alert while travelling. If the photographer is not alert then he might miss an excelling shot.

When I was in Hawaii I was contracted to take wedding photography by a limo company Honolulu limos. When customer book their limos, they contract photographers which is a big plus for customers.

Grab some knowledge


If you are travelling to a new place, it is better to gather some knowledge about that place in prior. Do not take pictures of anyone without asking their permission. A quality that every travel photographer must develop is to respect every culture and religion. Remember not to disturb anybody during their religious rituals. Travel photographer must always respect the instruction and guidelines mentioned by the government. They must avoid clicking pictures at any prohibited areas such as any defence installation.

Choose location wisely

While selecting a location for your photo shoot, try to choose a politically stable country so that you can click pictures without any fear. Patience is very important for travel photography. The travel photographer sometimes needs to sit back patiently and wait for the right moment to click a perfect picture. The travel photographer should keep their camera and lenses clean all the time so that they can get better quality pictures. If the photographer is using SLR or changing lenses then he must keep them neat and clean. Also, learn about the adjustments and settings in the camera so that you can get the best shot from the camera.

Make sure of Backup

Travel photographers always carry an extra small camera with them where ever they go. In case their main cameras do not work, they …

Taking Travel Photography to the Next Level


Each place you visit has its own beauty, you will find uniqueness in each new place. There is always something new about the look, scenery and character. Photography is a beautiful mean of capturing this uniqueness. A photograph last forever, so you will be able to preserve your observing beauty. A photograph capture all the qualities and beauty of a particular place. If you like to travel you should also find a way to preserve those moments. Travel photography is one of my hobby and I like everything about it. No matter how remote the place is, you will always find something beautiful about it. Here are some cool travel photography tips for you:

You are unlikely to remember every places you have ever been to. You probably won’t remember the smell of a flower garden of the golden beauty of a large rice field. You will not remember gazing to a high mountain and the wish of climbing it. So how to preserve those memory, the answer is simple. Photograph those moments and make it an everlasting memory. The thrill of first time is something you will always cherish. Photography will add more excitement to that feelings.

Travel photography is about travelling to new places and capturing those moments. So you have to decide which place to be. There are many places in this world where you will find perfect elements for photography. If you choose a particular destination you can also arrange your photography tools accordingly. The beach, mountains, fields all of these places are appealing. The activity of these places are perfect for your travel photography. Our photograph should represent the appeal of the places you are visiting. Photography is all about your feeling to a particular site.

Doing some research is very important before photographing a particular place. The photographers of National Geography use their researching skill before doing the actual photography. The research helps you find out what is unique about a particular place and what needs to be photographed. Photography should be about a subject and your photograph should represent that. So collect some brochures and travel books of a new place. Get to know what are the important things regarding this place. Then, set up your camera and take some beautiful snaps. You can also seek help from the locals to know more about the place. If you need more information about photography you can contact me at my email.

Understanding the customs and traditions are also very important when you are thinking about photographing a particular location. What is common for one location can be considered rude of illegal in another. So get to know about the law and culture …

Welcome To Shoot It Share It


Welcome to our website. It is our pleasure to give an opportunity to discuss what kinds of things people have shot. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gun or a camera, we will get all kinds of different experiences throughout the United States. Sometimes we might get a few experiences from other countries, but mostly the U. S.

I have experienced more shootings with a camera rather than a gun. I started using a camera from when I was 10 years old. My parents gave me my first camera for Christmas. It was those old Polaroid cameras. Yes, the ones where you get your photo printed instantly! My room was filled with these photos.

As the years passed by, technology got better but my love for shooting photos was still the same. I was fortunate to travel most of the United States. I got a chance to take thousands of photos and make a pretty good collection out of it. I took all kinds of pictures from the beautiful scenery of Alaska to the Magical World of Disney in Florida.

I took pictures of Mother Nature at a calm level (Hawaiian beaches). I also took pictures of Mother Nature at a violent level (200 mph tornadoes in Oklahoma).

I took pictures of kids playing soccer at a local field in Idaho. I also took pictures of elderly people playing chess in a care home in Detroit, Michigan.

These are experiences that I will never forget and have proof to show what I did. It will definitely bring memories that will last a lifetime.…